Mar 9, 2013

Bass Patrol! Extra - Euro Bass!


I could have known this was gonna be crap ofcourse! The name "Euro bass" didn't promise too much good, and then the "cute" manga style cover also gave it away... But still, I'm a sucker for the "Bass Patrol!" series so I went ahead and bought it. Well, it can go straight to the archives! For a group that calls themselves the "Boom Sonic System"... I calculated it; the average length that a song MIGHT become a bass records is 28,9 seconds!! After that... 
Take a listen to this prime example, and prepare to turn down your volume at about 0:33 in

You see? "I ain't bullshitting". At least the designers gave it their best. The sleeve is designed by Katsuya Uehara and the illustration is done by Kazunori Nakazawa. If you want to do the math yourself, or maybe you like this kind of music, no problem for me, just go OVERHERE.


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