Mar 29, 2013

DJ Nasty Knock - Show Me The Money

Featuring The Get Nasty Girls

This is the Japanese release of a CD that was originally released by Street Street Music out of Atlanta, GA in 1997 (SSM31011-2). I personally feel the Japanese cover (illustrated by Kazunori Okuyama) looks way cooler than the original one:

Musically we get the same tracks as on the US version + 3 extra! The original CD was very good anyhow, so we can't go wrong with this one. Here are 2 of my favorite jams:

3. Doo doo brown

and 5. Bass express

These are the 3 bonus tracks:

15. Bass test tone (Sweep sign)
16. Sex (Instrumental)
17. Show me the money (Instrumental)

Now that you have the jams, maybe you want to learn how to do them Nasty Miami bass dances???

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