Jul 17, 2021

Feel The Bass Vol. 8

 "Techno drum'n'bass"


Looking at the cover of this cd I was really under the assumption that it would be an r&bass compilation, reminiscent of Bass Patrol!'s "love" edition:


But I was pleasantly surprised! What I received was a very good mix of breaks, drum & bass, trip hop, techno, 2 step, all sorts of productions with beats. The DJ really did a good job in the selection imo. It's not just 1 style all the time so it never bores. After taking the liberty to run the liner notes through an OCR and Google Translate I learned that that is exactly what he was trying to accomplish; give the listener a taste of bass music that is NOT Miami bass.









(sic) "In recent moves, the "base" genre has gained citizenship, and the thing itself has undergone a truly unique transformation. "Bass music", which was born in Southeastern Miami on the continent of North America, and bass music, which grew up with rap techno as the mother, were roughly divided into two streams from the early 90's. The first trend is a fusion with "hip hop," which I've heard once, no matter how ignorant the music is. Rap. Since the birth of graffiti art breakdance and trinity hip-hop culture in the corner of his mune in New York, he has used so-called "old school" big stories, led by DJ trance and DJ magic microphone. The current hip-hop-oriented bass music was born. The second flow is the "techno drum'n'bass" that I'm hearing now as the mother and his "bass". The so-called F-driving music that has changed with the evolution of digital devices. Feel the Bass Vol. 8 released this time, or the concept of "a bass that can be heard at home" was transmitted from the ear to the brain as a strong message just by listening to it. My stereo isn't very good, and even its rag stereo has the same bass and treble sound pressure difference, power bangs, and buzzing sounds that you would hear in a haco. I think it's lukewarm in this way, but it's certain that it will become the mainstream of "bass J" in the future, and it is inevitable that it will become a classic in the "bass" world! !! The most seasonal artists in Los Angeles, USA. Intelligent programming and Miki his singing. You can eat 3 cups of rice with this CD alone. Introducing the ever-expanding Space 1'Sworld, Cosmic Base! !!"


I really enjoyed this while driving. May I suggest you try the same??



And if you don't have a car boom it from YouTubei





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