Jun 12, 2021

La Compilation Mega Bass 3

 House - Techno - Jungle


It's been a while since I posted one from the Bass Tuning series. It's a good moment anyhow to post a French release, with all this Japanese stuff around here recently. First thing I'd like to mention though is that my scanner couldn't really capture the beautiful color of this cd. Look at the difference with this pic:













Much nicer right? Don't tell me you wouldn't pick this one up if you saw it on the shelves?? 

The music; some stuff that has a UK, 2 step vibe like this one (the "Jungle" on the cover?)




This one must be the "House". Some of that retro disco that was popular around the Y2K.








There are 10 tracks on this release. They are not all by "Super" but those were the ones that caught my attention.














I'll be back with part 4...

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