May 23, 2020

Bass Cronic - Kronik Bass

Feel The Music

That is exactly what you will as soon as you pop in this disc! Being on Thump Records, the first track has a vibe that you would expect from this cd; a smooth g-funk/bass hybrid.

But when you get to the second track you already start realising this is not just another g-funk vehicle! There is a master at work...


And it just keeps getting better.This release is much better than the other Thump Records release Bass Construction, which was produced by Albert Cabrera. So who was behind this CD, who is Cronic Bass??

It was when I got to track 5 that I realised! Listen:

Did you hear that? That track could have come straight from Nightmare on Bass Street or Toxic Bass. This HAS to be DJ Billy E's work!

And yes it is! He confirmed this on facebook. Definately a CD you should try and get. You can also listen to the album on YouTube by clicking THIS LINK. ENJOY!

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