Jul 17, 2020

DJ Magic Mike - Bass Is Still The Name Of The Game

Drop The Bass 2020

Magic Mike has been dropping a slew of singles while we wait for his new album to be released! The first one was "Drop the Bass 2020" with Ondamike.

Then came a double header with "Feel the Bass 7 / How low can you go?". 
"Feel the Bass 7" continues the Feel the Bass series with pure bottom for the subs while "How low can you go" gives us some of that classic magical scratching from the Magician!

You can get all of these and more at Mike's preferred digital seller Beatport by clicking this link:


Feel free ofcourse to buy and / or listen to these and other tracks on your favorite platform. Doesn't matter where, as long as you support!

Oh, and speaking of support, make sure you pick up a FEEL THE BASS T-shirt from the Magic Mike store!! 

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