Dec 23, 2015

Basscase - Psychotic Bass

Zip it!!


Because the music on this cd really sucks! Tastes differ ofcourse. Maybe YOU like it (so please go ahead and give it a listen!), but I don't. The beats are just not bangin or booming, and the reverb filled samples also become tiring. 
Prime example:

Another one:

I don't know, maybe the bleeps in this one can make you psychotic if you're already stressed out?

I guess track 10, the last one on this cd is the best; "Just plain ol' crazy bass". (I said "the best" of the lot, doesn't mean it is great or even so good). Jim Cochrane should have kept it at that, plain ol' bass without all the annoying vocal snippets...

What I DO like is the freaky cover art from Marc Pomeroy for Paranormal Images. Real Bass Covers material. But if you want crazy bass I would suggest you listen to Bass Madness' "Neurotic bass", it booms better than this one...

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