Sep 17, 2012

69 Boyz - 69.97 Quad FM

All time favorites Vol. III

This is a Japanese release on Nippon Crown in the "All time favorites" series. I think Vol. 1 is by DJ Smurf and Vol. 2 by Freak Nasty but I'm not sure, my Japanese is not what it used to be ^^

I have to say I like the cover more than the music. Not to much (or none at all) bass on this one.  This is the bassiest track I could locate:

03. Round & Round

The other songs have a more laid back hip hop sound to them. Like "Roll with me" (but I like that one because it reminds me of "... Kilo G and that real bass...", remember that?)

14. Roll with me

Well, I'll leave you with another one that's not too bad;

13 Shout

And if you wanna check out the rest for yourself, then you better click HERE.

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