Sep 14, 2014

Bass Patrol! 2001

2001: a bass patrol!

Dope cd right here! I think this is the last release in the Bass Patrol! series but they closed with a bang; 21 minus 1 songs produced by none other than Claudio "Debonaire" Barrella! Don't know why they added 1 none-Debonaire produced track... not that I'm complaining because it's actually a good track:


And now for the Debonaire tracks, exclusive for this release I think! We start off with a bass bomb!

A good amount of booty bass:


And what's also interesting is that there's a bunch of tracks that were previously released by Debonaire on IBP records but the names have been changed (probably to protect the innocent...)

Recognize this one? "Subsonic device" by "King Of Loud":

Exactly, that's "Son of Circuit Breaker" from the IBP release "Warning: Shock Hazard" by Circuit Breaker. Here's another one from that cd, originally called "Electricityyy", now renamed "Viagra Bass - Odyssey drop"...

Can you guess  this one??? (yeah it's a hard one...)

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  1. And I think "Mac'n Lomax - Release yourself (feat. Awkword)" is the best of all trakcs on this album, but i didn't listen the whole one.