Jun 18, 2016

dB Heaven

Car Hi-Fi Demo


Here we have a cd with "rap along" kinda beats. This could be like the "Beats, breaks & scratches" of bass. A lot of samples here. How many do YOU recognize?

Like? This album was released on Ex-It Records. You can find the other tracks on my YouTube channel right HERE.


  1. Only "dB Heaven - Boogie to the bass" is nice, cause it have sample from "Boogie down bronx".

  2. For some reason i did not initially see any reason to buy the cd back in 93 because there were so many albums to buy. Recently i came across this cd and i remembered the cover so i purchased it. I was surprised at the samples they used. Not to bad over an album but the replay value is 6 out 10 in my opinion

    1. I have another bass cd on this label, called "Monster DB's Vol 1". I'll post it in a few...