Oct 15, 2011

Cover Wars Part 3 - Bass Erotica vs Bass Erotica

Bass Erotica - Bass ecstacy

09. Bass after dark


Bass Yarou - Bass erotica 3

Well, maybe it's not really a cover war, but the friendly people over at Bad News Records found Bass Erotica not to be erotic enough, so they added a little something in the mix to heat it up some more. Take a listen ...

05. Bass after dark featuring Melon

I'll give you another sample, here is track 11, Bass vibration by Bass Metropolis featuring Arisa Riri

And if you want to find out who is supplying those nice vocals, take a look at this PDF right HERE (only if you're over 16 that is, LOL)

And the winner is ... 

Well, I'll let you decide this time. But after hearing all of this, I hope you didn't have a 

By the way

did anybody here ever join the Bass Nation back in the day ??


  1. OMG yes...I had this CD and I filled out the form, but I never got anything back!

  2. For real? That's too bad! Now we'll never know what the newsletter looked like (if there ever was one, lol).