Mar 23, 2014

ShortBaby - Basscapades

The misadventures of ShortBaby

in the land of knock-bottom

I know one thing: with a cover like this, designed by Pen & Pixel Graphics, you would expect one hell of a bass CD to go with it. But it fails woefully! If I had to choose, the only track worth bumping (IMO ofcourse!) is the instrumental "Sh O.R.T. in da mix" (which only lasts 1:21 min!)

Maybe that's why they had to put more effort in the packaging.

So according to the free decal they added, these are the "blow up singles":

Sorry I'm just not feeling it. The beats are OK so I guess it's just the guy's voice that bothers me.
Well, it's a "Con Artist" recording anyhow! Get it?

(PS, more basscapades can be found HERE)

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