Jan 22, 2015

Bass Check 4

14 Hottest bass groups

The good people at Joey Boy Records are kind enough to explain to us what bass music really is. Thanks for that:

"The definition of bass music([bäs] [myoo'zik]) Bass Check IV: The art of combining the lowest and deepest sounds to create a form of expressive compositions. Any combining rhythmic chants in a sequence that will bring large crowds and big booty ho's to an uncontrollable party mood. Bass Check IV has accomplished this by creating a compilation of the 14 hottest Bass groups of the century and 16 mega bass hits. Bass Check IV is a must for all the party people."

"Hottest bass groups of the century"; I'm not saying they are not hot bass groups, but since this is a Joey Boy Records release they only used their own groups. If this would have been a compilation with "D" hottest bass groups of the century a lot of names would have had to be added...

Still hot enough to make this a good cd. The artwork by Luis Garcia of  Luroga Design Miami also adds to the value ofcourse! I see Bass Patrol, The Dogs, The Puppies, Bass Man (who is on the cover but not on the cd), Creep Dog, Uncle Al and Sexy C... but there is one thing I have been wondering;
who is this guy?? Could it be Iceman J?