Nov 3, 2014

Bass MTX

MTX - Serious about sound

Yet another Pandisc compilation, this time manufactured for MTX, the car audio company. Nothing new here, Bass Mekanik, Bass Automator, Boomtube, Beat Dominator, Bass Cube and Bass Tech DXJ. Ofcourse the music is always good but what I like most about this cd is the artwork; the cd is presented in a Multi-Image(tm) CD Case from Gelardi Design. You know, the type that changes image depending on the angle you look at it. I tried to make some pictures to show you. The text is supposed to change from "BASS" to "MTX", and the "MTX" on top changes in size...

Really great how they used to put effort in packaging during the pre-MP3 days...

And don't forget:

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