Nov 29, 2014

Bassmaniac & D.J. Salva 808 - The Electro Bass Invasion

Limited CD edition!

Check out the latest "City Beat Records" release. 11 Old school sounding electro/electro-bass/electro-funk tracks from D.J. Salva 808 & Bassmaniac. I personally love this cd and it hasn't left my player for 2 weeks now. If you're the type of person who is into anything electro, this album is for you... 

Here's the official demo video for the album on YouTube:

Trust me, the video doesn't even give the right impression because I found the cd even better then I thought it would be. This DJ mix by Andyman does a better job:

I you want to buy a copy don't hesitate to get in touch with City Beat Records...

Oh yeah, as you might have heard, it's not just 11 tracks, there's also a special bonus track from the Flash Force Crew (E-Rocker & DJ Richie Rich) to make it 12! Worth the €'s, trust me...

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