Dec 19, 2014

Bassotronics - Basshead Radio

Your number 1 radio station for bass music

There are 2 more new cd's I really want to advertise before the year finishes and this is one of them! The latest release from Bassotronics! What I really like about Bassotronics' releases is that he always comes up with a concept for the albums. He gave us Arabian flavors (with Bass Mekanik), hit us with bass-step, trapped the police, scared the shit out of us and much more! This time around we get to believe we're listening to "Basshead Radio", a radiostation where you get to call in and request bass tracks. A perfect opportunity for Bassotronics to showcase his production skills, take a listen (sorry, short previews only):

Funky (Track 3: I got the funk)

Tekno (Track 5: Speed drive)

Club (Track 11: Heaven is jammin')

And there's many more styles on this cd... even the sequel to that Bassotronics MEGA CLASSIC "Bass, I love you", called "Bass, I love you too!"

I think you get the picture: Bassotronics can handle any style.
My advice: head over to iTunes, Amazon or any other download site and GET IT IN YOUR RIDE! 

Also don't forget to check out now and then for the latest in bass...

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