Dec 30, 2014

Ultimate Bass Volume Two

Enter the zone

Here's a rather interesting release. Probably my last post of the year. This cd caught my eye on eBay for two reasons; the cover looked rather cool + I had never seen this one before. Upon closer inspection I noticed this is the second release from MadTracker. I hear you thinking; "MadTracker?". MadTracker released one cd already which is available from CDBaby. These are the release notes for that first release: "MadTracker composes some of the most radical bass songs around, yet keeps a sense of melody and rythm like nobody else. There are 3 bonus tracks on this CD (track 14, 15, & 16) Enjoy!" And here's a customer's comment: "If you love Techmaster P.E.B.s music, this is the cd for you. Now that Techmaster P.E.B. hasn't made any new cds, Madtracker is the perfect clone to that Techmaster sound." I knew now I could easily buy this without fear of buying a pig in a poke.

My favorite tracks:

Track 1 "Ultimate bass"; a bass test from 10 Hz to 80 Hz starts at 1:46!

Track 2  "Let the bass back" has a Techmaster P.E.B-like piano playing but the beat has a StreetBeat Records release feeling...

Track 4 "Basswaves SubSonic"; this one's really for cruising!

I do feel the album starts of really well but it get's a little less exciting as it progresses. Tracks 7 is not bad...

If you feel like checking out the rest of the album go to my YouTube channel and ENJOY THE BASS! Oh yeah, the artwork and design were done by J Robert and T Czerwinski. Peace!

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