Jan 21, 2013

Beat Dominator - Bass Station Zero


How you love that? When I first saw this cover on eBay I had to rub my eyes to check if I was seeing it correctly. Is it a bad picture or a fucked up scan? No, it's the real deal. A Beat Dominator double cd! Released in France in 1994 on the Private Beats/Musidisc label.

Now I knew they had already released this:

Which is the French release of Beat Dominator's Bass Station Zero (Techno-Bass 2). You know, this one on Pandisc Records:

(also released on vinyl)

But I guess they couldn't get enough of the man so they released it again as a double cd. Disc 1 is "Bass Station Zero" and Disc 2 is "Techno Bass"...

...Beat Dominator's 1992 Pandisc release:

(also released on vinyl)

Well, we can't blame you Musidisc, we also can't get enough of the Dominator's sounds...

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