Jan 16, 2013

DJ Billy E - Tuner Beats 3

With bonus low and slow mixes!!!

That's right my friends! The man with the van is back for round 3, and here's what he has to say: 

Whats up everybody? Tuner Beats 3 has arrived !!!! You get 22 tracks that include the original versions and the low and slow versions of all the tracks plus the bonus track Bass Beat only found on the I Tunes version. This album is not to be missed. I have produced the lowest Bass I have ever recorded in the history of my carrer with Bass dropping down to 2 HZ !!!!! Check out Speaker Blues, Tesla Bass Beats, and Beats 4 My Van 3.
Did you read that? Available on over 500 sites but only on ITunes you get the bonus track. Can't say I'm an I fan myself but the choice is yours...
Here's the link to ITunes:

Juno Preview:

Or download site of your choice, as long as you buy the damn thing...


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