Jan 7, 2012

Bad Boys Of Bass

Featuring Magic Mike & Quadmaster Uno

It says "featuring" but the Bad Boys Of Bass "ARE" DJ Magic Mike & Quadmaster Uno. Some boomin' tracks on this cd (12 that is) but what else could you have expected if these 2 join hands, or should I say join bass??

Here's a nice "take" on Ice-T 's Reckless

06. Turntable wizard

And the party starter of the album

08. Work dat body

As you can see their bass is BOOMING!

All scratches by DJ Magic Mike ofcourse. Art direction and design by FPD3. And if you really liked these samples, HERE you can find some more of the boys.

This cd was also released in Japan by Nippon Crown, you know, the people that gave us the "Bass in Your Face" collection. Different cover and 14 tracks...


So as you can see 2 more than the American release; "Work dat body (Club mix") and "Work dat body (Instrumental)". Those 2  can be found on the Wrap Records maxi cd or vinyl 12"...

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