Dec 28, 2011

Covers Math Part 1 : "Addition"

Bass Overlords - License to bass

This is an awesome concept album by Todd Walker on the ever booming IBP label! As you listen to this cd you are taken into the world of "Bass Bond" and you start to feel as if you were watching a movie. Filled with samples from James Bond movies I think it took some time to master this together!
Here's 2 prime examples of what I'm talking about :

03. License to bass

07. Majesty's secret bass service

Cosmic Conspiracy 

Now this is one of those covers that show why I started this blog. Real ARTwork! I'm not saying what the cd is about, the inside liner notes say it all:

03. All systems standing by


Now THIS is a cover!! Real hardcore electro bass or as they call it "subterranean electro".

"And that's the end of lesson 1"

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