Dec 22, 2011

Cover Wars Part 4 - Bass Queen vs Bass Queen

Bass Queen - We are the bass champion

Believe it or not but this is a Queen greatest hits cd 'bass' remixed! And yes, it reads 'bass' because it's not the type of bass that we are used to. I'm sure they used a bass guitar to replay these song but that's about it lol.
You HAVE to listen to these tracks, hilarious!!

03. We are the champions

10. Bicycle race


DJ Baby Anne - Bass Queen : In The Mix

As you all probably know, she claims to be the bass queen ;-)

This CD can be downloaded for free courtesy of Baby Anne

Bass Queen: In The Mix by BABY ANNE

And the WINNER is... 

Quad Queen - Queen Of Quad 

Quad Queen, the leader and founder of a seductive group of ladies known as "The Dominatrix Bass Babes". These ladies were selected exclusively for their unsurpassed passion for bass.

The Quad Queen has 3 good reasons to win
  1. She "comes" with some crazy artwork (like this poster HERE)
  2. I like to think quad drops harder than bass
  3. The cd was conceived, arranged, produced and stir fried by the staff at Debonaire Productions, Inc. THAT alone makes her a winner!
09. Queen of quad 

12. The sound of me cumming

BTW, there was a contest inside, "Guess who is in the Kabuki disguise". Do YOU know who??

17. Rock my sugar walls

Also, be on the lookout for 'Bass Purple - Miami black night" and "Bass Zeppelin - Stairway to bass heaven"!!

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