Feb 27, 2022

Bass Midnite - Route 1

Brought to you by Gasoline Records


OK, this CD started out promising... not top quality bass material but I was like "ok, ok,  they tried"...

Bass Over Beethoven Part 1 by The Bakfire Coasters

My Heart Will Go On... by Lowdown Chasers 
Agreed, not DJ Magic Mike, but listenable. But then it started... they brought out the Aotang Bass Panthers...

and from there on it went downhill FAST!
I mean... "Macarena"?
(Bass Runnings feat. Aotang Bass Panthers - Macarena)
 "Spice Girls"??

(DJ Megaton feat. Aotang Bass Panthers - Wannabe)
"Hello, Mr. Monkey"??? 
(Aotang Bass Panthers - Hello, Mr. Monkey)

My god! I am sure that Joe Brad, the guy who recorded and mixed all these tracks, and who produced and wrote most of them did his best,  but don't burn yourself on this one!
Don't say I didn't warn you!!! 


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