Dec 19, 2013

Miami Bass Jams Volume 2

Cut it up def!

We had to wait 22 years for Volume 2... but luckily it didn't disappoint! This compilation from gives us a great impression of the state of the bass in 2013. From dj tracks to party raps, hip hop to booty bass, electro to club bangers, you name it; it's on this disc! Some are new, some had been released already a few years prior, but not a soul will notice. I'll give you a preview with clips gathered from... where else... YouTube:

Jock D - Cut It Up Def Pt 2 (short version was also featured on the MBH Mixtape Vol 1)

Kidd Money - This Club (Produced by Richie Rich)

Death Jam feat Jock D - Look Out!

Sound Chasers feat Jock D - War Games

Alaska MC - What You Want

T Boyz DL feat Jock D (Produced by DJ Tom Oliver)

I think you get the picture; a quality compilation. GET IT NOW, from, and as a bonus, you will receive a FREE limited edition Two Set DVD of "The Bass That Ate Miami" Documentary!! I know I did... what are YOU waiting for man??


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