Dec 22, 2013

Maggotron - Hindsight Is 20/20

Bass sight is 8/0/8
Foresight doesn't exist

16 Brand new Maggotron tracks on one spectacular digital release! I can assure you, the previews don't do the music any justice; just go ahead and buy the damn thing, and then go and play it on the biggest speakers you have access to. THAT's what this release is made for! 

If you're one of them iFiends you can go to your Tunes store HERE, but if you're not, then go over to and buy straight from the source right HERE!!

Here's another one of my favorites from the album. I can just imagine that "Bass that ate Miami" speakerbox coming down the street blasting this!!

And since digital releases don't have liner notes, here are some from Maggotron himself, posted on our Miami Bass History facebook group:

Closing out 2013 with a new 16 track album -- due out on 12/17/2013 you can stream it baby world wide

We Ain't Never left ...
...current events modern histeria his-tory Reality check -- go ahead and type or search for labels like Joey Boy/ On Top , Cheetah , Luke etc...
You will either find nothing or some re direct or at best an abandoned rarely updated web page ...
whereas gets you a current/ active participant in the game with a slick modern web site! That's right we Ain't never left That's Reality , that's Bass sight Baby and it's 8/0/8 -- We have never gone out of business been at a loss for creative ideas or ahem taken breaks to ahem cough cough -- visit the Graybar Hotel. Very few of our then Contempt -or raries are still around ..

The Entire album will be available World wide on 12/17 2013
And here's the hustle , there is no hustle- If you use Itunes Radio, Spotify Rhapsody and any of the other streaming services world wide it costs you nothing queue us up in yo ear buds and feel your brain cells turn to mush ,While we make nothing! Whippy Dip! This new Music Business Business model is awesome!
If you would like to help us keep our Champagne and Caviar lifestyle , feel free to purchase a Track or two from itunes or wherever else it is you Purchase your downloads. Buying a bootleg of this from the guy at the Barber shop does not constitute helping us out....

...and for those of you behind the news here - the other songs are available for preview at the SoundClowned link above for Maggotron --- also Roxanne's Parent is a full length version for your listening pleasure - Debonaire Records and Maggotron have now raised the stakes and have matched any of it's Miami Bass World's competitors weak and long since played out attempts at Skrip Clubbed Theme -antics and their attempts to regain the glories of the pas, not to mention the extremely BORING regurgitation's that have been going on for the last decade or so by some of the other Labels! Re -Issue this ---!!
You as the fan deserve better! Jam them earbuds way up into your ears Clamp those headphones down to your Head and breath in the Future!! ( some of you are cool enough to get this -- since there are no albums anymore - posts like this are your MODERN DAY LINER NOTES....

A new bass anthem right here:

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