Oct 12, 2013

BASS野郎外伝 爆音ケンカ道

From Bad News Records

Yet another Bass Yarou release from Bad New Records. On the cover we have the same guy that is on THIS CD right here, but this is before he turned into a vampire. Makes sense, this is release BNCY-53 while the other one is BNCY-64. Also, does anybody know who this character is? Must be from a manga, but I don't now sh*t about that. So if you know, let me know please...

Back to the music. Good cd. Mainly Neurodisc tracks (we have Bass Hit, Bass Quake, Bass Cult, Bass Shock, Bass Erotica, etc...)...

But there's also a little Newtown (Vicious Base and Basswerk) and Joey Boy (Cyber Messiah)


Really worth the buy. Came with an extra sticker just like the other one.

I would like to inform you on who did the artwork but I really can't read anything in the booklet...


  1. Do u have a DL for this? I love this Bass Yarou series, bass cult is amazing

    1. Enjoy the basssssss... https://www.sendspace.com/file/xcsgmr

    2. you have a re-up for this? tracks sound ace. thx_!~!

    3. Here you go! https://www.sendspace.com/file/i140bg