Oct 6, 2013

Bassman Vol. 04 - Miami Bass Raps

Old school raps


I have no idea what keeps possessing these people to keep releasing stuff like this... We get 10 tracks here which are all covers of rap classics like "White lines", "It's tricky" and "The roof is on fire" just to name a few. But listen to what they did with it. Do you think this is a good cover version??

And how do you like this Run-DMC cover?

OH! Wait wait wait! After taking a closer look at the inlay I get it! No only do they insult their buyers but they give away the secret; "... this cd is really a cool SHIT, a REAL SHIIIII-T.", get it? ^^

As usual Toshiaki Ishii (art direction), Kazuhiro Osakabe (design) and Motoi Abe (photography) did their best with the visual aspect...

So there you go. If you are curious about how every track sounds like, I welcome you to listen to the "Nonstop edit" I posted on YouTube. You can also click HERE.

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