Feb 24, 2012

DJ Droppin - Droppin Beats

2012 Really looks to be a bassmekanik.com year. (Although, wasn't this supposed to be the Miami bass history year, with the mixtape coming out and all???). Anyhow, look what dropped in this week:

DJ DROPPIN'S second album, DROPPIN' BEATS comes fully loaded, not only is it the best release yet from Producer Rob Grimes' Portland studio, but it also features 3 remixes of the title track DROPPIN' BEATZ by BASSOTRONICS, BASS MEKANIK & DJ BILLY E. Add to this a bonus test section for a total of 65 tracks and this release is ready to go the distance!

Released 21 February 2012

Here's a little sample. Go to bandcamp to buy the full release.

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