Jun 29, 2014

Bass Patrol - Body & Soul

The 4th incarnation...


1st we had the Mills Brothers, 2nd was DJ Fury and RX Lord, 3rd time around DYC and DJ Gusto, and for the 4th and final time (for now) we got The Committtee (Trak, Tek, Chapter, Fenz & Che), who also produced cd's for DJ Uncle Al, Creep Dog and the Bass Patrol Angels just to name a few...

Not a bad cd at all, here's the "hit" song Dirty Bird featuring DJ Uncle Al & Creep Dog:

A fun track featuring Nikol Williams from the Bass Patrol Angels:

And another party jam featuring the late great DJ Uncle Al!

Feel free to listen to the rest of the tracks on the Miami Bass History YouTube channel right HERE.

Art & graphics by Luroga Desing ofcourse, it's a Joey Boy release...

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