Apr 13, 2013

Bass Mekanik - Faster Harder Louder

Car Sound

We all know this is a great cd already, right? Just listen to the title track alone if you're not convinced yet...

This album was released by Pandisc in 2002 as a special CD/DVD release. I think it was also released as a DVD box.

But what makes todays post so special is that I have the Korean release of this cd with me. That's right; Korean! Can you imagine? Licensed & released by MIXX Creative Corp. (www.mixx.co.kr) and distributed by DREAMBEAT. Talking bout taking bass music worldwide! Big up to the Bass Mekanik and DJ Billy E... This release didn't come with the DVD though, same tracks but only on cd.

Looks to have been released in cooperation with a tuning magazine:

How cool is that? I'll leave you with another dope jam: Blockbuster. DJ Billy E on the cut!

Keep your eyes on eBay if you want to get this CD for yourself, otherwise you can already go to iTunes and get your copy of FASTER HARDER LOUDER today!

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