Dec 25, 2021

Bass Compilation Vol. 1

 14 Titres bass pour exploser vos enceintes!












Another French bass release from the label that brought us "La Compilation Mega Bass"; Web Music. They released a sh$tload of cd's. This particular one has "14 Titles to explode your speakers". The cover says "mixé par DJ SSAB" so I thought it would be some kind of "mixtape" but they are simply loose tracks. I have no idea what SSAB did here. A variety of styles as usual though;

some jazzy

some housy

some ravey

some reggaey
Not a milestone release but I do like the colors of the artwork.


As you can see on the back cover there are also 3 special Bass Test Tracks. If you would like to listen to those, and/or all the other tracks, I would suggest you take a look HERE

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