Dec 31, 2021

Bass野郎外伝 爆音ケンカ道














OK, I know it took me long enough but I finally found the first volume of the Bass野郎外伝 爆音ケンカ道 series; BNCY-40. I already had BNCY-53 and BNCY-64. This one is another good compilation. There are Joey Boy tracks, Newtown, Neurodisc, IBP, a little bit of everything. Good stuff.


Unlike the latter 2 releases there was no sticker with this one yet though.










This one came with a fold out poster!










Bass Christmas was about to be released next. Perfect timing. But then again, Christmas was a week ago already. How time flies! This was probably my last post of the year. Hopefully we can all have much more bass joy next year.



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