Aug 10, 2013

Captain Bass Vs The Bass Headz

With $5,000 rap contest!

Real nice cover art from Robert Reed on this one, but I keep wondering if they are talking about $5 or $5000? If so they should have spent the $5000 on their own cd. OK, it's not THAT bad, but the whole cd is rather boring imo. Problem is there's not 1 song that really stands out; the whole thing sounds like its a breakbeats album, but then Miami bass style...  

Wait! Ofcourse! That's the idea anyhow, no?? You can enter the Captain Bass rap contest by making your own rap to one of the tracks (given, it says inside you can also make your own beat, but you're supposed to use one of his I guess). Haha, that explains everything...

Take a listen:

Now don't start going crazy thinking about the 5 G's! The entry deadline was March 1, 1994! 
What you COULD do is play all them beats by clicking HERE and bust some freestyle raps over them! Come on man, act like Nike and just DO IT!

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