Aug 4, 2013

Innovative Bass Collection - Vol. 4 "Woofers Warped"

Premium nutrition!!

Oh shit he did it again! 

"A must have collection of devastating sub-bass tracks compiled from classic releases originally released on cd by Innovative Bass Productions. Digitally re-mastered and boosted for fuller range audio. Each track has enough decibel assaulting bass drops to put any system to the test."

Looking at the tracklist I see tracks from "Blown 2 Bits", "Danger: High Voltage", "Super Slam Bass Jam" and "Caution: Radiation Area". Now if you're an old school cd head you might still find some of these release over at the IBP website. But if you prefer digital these are better for you ofcourse. Not only are they re-mastered but most importantly you support the artist by buying these! Here's the link:

Oh yeah, this is Vol. 4, do you have the other volumes already??

Since I'm not the type of person who enjoys making your life difficult, I'll provide you with the links. Just the click the pic for the album you want to buy. Enjoy the bass!!

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