Aug 15, 2013

Bass In Da Hood

Various artists

Now here we have a really good bass compilations from Vision Records! Matter of fact I think it is the best compilation from Vision Records. I already featured "Booty Bass In Ya Face!"before, but except for the fun cover that one has, the choice of tracks is not so outstanding. "Bass In Da Hood" on the other hand can be played from front to back without getting boring. You don't believe me? Hit start on the playlist then!!

What is also cool about this release is that there are some remixes on it done exclusively for "Bass In Da Hood" by Quad Star and Frank Cesarano. Look for "Get low, get low", "Daddy Long Stroke", Do it do it", "Pump up the funk" and "Take it off ho". You can find them HERE.

I also still have some prints from the original Vision Records website, advertising these 2 compilations. Printed in 1996...

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