Apr 29, 2018

Bass野郎 サーキットの狼

The Circuit Wolf

Here we have another Bad News Records release in the Bass Yarou series. This appears to be the (un?)official soundtrack to "The Circuit Wolf", a manga published as "Circuit no Ōkami". As do most Bass Ya Low releases, we get a nice packaging and artwork all around. Hajime Koboyashi did his best, thats for sure.


So far so good... but now for the bad news; THE MUSIC. It sucks! (IMO ofcourse! Feel free to like it if you do!) I didn't know Michelle Jackson would perform Beat it!? I didn't know Nicky Marlboro would perform Livin' La Vida Loca!? I didn't know Ho Ho would perform Take On Me!? How could I have? (OK, you got me, could have checked Discogs).



The only track I can enjoy is Mitso Shino's "Travelling without moving"

travelling without moving.mp3


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