Sep 8, 2021

Techmaster P.E.B. - Bass Computer 2021

 The Limited Platinum Edition!


Hear ye hear ye! Hot of the facebook press!!

"Bass Computer 2021 Double Album is available for Pre-Order Now!
There will ONLY be 1,000 Copies Pressed (Limited Edition) PRE-ORDER That's right you are getting TWO albums! Disc 1 is a fully remastered version of Bass Computer 2000 Disc 2 you are getting 18 Tracks 5 Completly remade from the ground up tracks of the classics you love. 12 Brand new Tracks and 1 Special Guest appearance from DJ Bass Boy REMASTERED Track.
Pre-Order starts now and will end November 3rd, 2021. Also the Bass Computer VINTAGE T-Shirts are available for Pre-Order as well and anyone who Purchases the album can get 10% off the T-Shirts - Use code VINTAGE
Pre-Order will run from NOW - November 3rd, 2021
Wow, more great new for 2021. The legendary "Bass Computer" album had already been remastered in 1998 as the "Limited Gold Edition"...

but this time around it will not only be remastered (again?) but a bonus disc will be added with 18 new tracks! I hear the Techmaster is still in full production mode at this moment so for now only 1 track has been revealed!

Better head over to and get your pre-order in! Pre-ordering will not only guarantee you a copy of "Bass Computer 2021 Limited Platinum Edition" but you can get a 10% discount on the upcoming "Bass Computer Album Cover Vintage T-Shirt" AND you will receive the special "Do Not Upload" track! 
I quote P.E.B. "Remember, this is the ONLY way anyone will get this track is by pre-ordering
Bass Computer 2021 and I want to make sure everyone can hear it, but it is a special Pre-Order only track. So go get your pre-order in and get the track NOW!! 🔊"

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