Aug 30, 2011

Brothers Of The Struggle - "20" Hit Songs

Show me some panties

Last night, on my daily internet quest for more BASS, I stumbled upon this AMAZING piece of bass history ! This guy called Diskotechz was so frienly to upload the promo tape DJ Fury and RX Lord made before they became Bass Patrol ! I could have only dreamed of finding this so I would like to give a huge respect to Diskotechz for sharing this with us. If you want to listen to the tape (and I'm sure you do) go OVERHERE and enjoy !


As you can see the playlist by Diskotechz has been removed since then but luckily I was smart enough to grab it before it was gone. So if you want to check out this incredible piece of Miami bass history (and I'm sure you do), go HERE.

I also found some more images of this classic tape on facebook so I would like to share them with you:



  1. where can i get a copy

  2. Is this available to download?

    1. It is now! Real Miami bass history!!

  3. I've been wanting to hear this for a long time. Many thanks for this!