Apr 3, 2012

The 2 Live Crew - Greatest hits

Let's diggin!

I'm sure you've heard most or all of the tracks on this one but I can't say no to a Cutting Edge release (you know, the guys who gave us the "Bass Patrol!" series).

But then again I have to admit there's 4 tracks on this cd I never heard before; "The 2 Live Crew megamix", "Boyz with da bass", "The splack shop" and "We like to chill".  It is mainly the megamix that caught my attention and which is rather good! Take a listen:

Not bad huh? Well, if you want to hear more, you know where to find me...

It turns out somebody already found me so if you want to listen to some more 2 Live Crew greatest hits take a look HERE

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