Apr 18, 2012

Bass Sonic Vol. 05 - Horror


This one came in straight from Taiwan

It's a CD from the Universal series "Bass sonic", labelled "Horror". Well, to be honest I was a little scared of the horror I would be encountered with when listening to it! And you know what? I got what I was afraid for; HORROR! Take a listen:

06. A key to the lockedrom (Theme from the fictious horror motion picture "Bass Meguro Emperor's cave")

13. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Toccata and fuggue in D minor

Yep, Horror! The good thing is, there's also a little something for the MJ fans!!

So you can see, it's not all "bad" ^^

To finish the job, I will leave you with track n° 12; 
Suite "The horror" : Suspiria/The Omen:Ave Santani/Zombi/Halloween theme

BTW, does anybody know what the green creature with the blue cap on the front cover might be???

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  1. If you're not horrofied yet by this cd you can get the rest here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/z06jtb