May 23, 2015

Maggotron - Bug Eyed Monsters

"Get ready to Hide in your Room with the Headphones on!!"

Because the new Maggotron album has arrived! (Sorry, it arrived 4 days ago but I've been busy ok?)

What to expect? As usual a plethora of musical styles and an abundance of samples and seriously dope scratching. As for the lyrical content, I have no idea what the hell they are talking about but it's just that that keeps you busy every time you listen to this album and so it never gets boring! Another great concept album from the Maggotron team, available world wide thru multiple streaming services and purchasing platforms including iTunes and Beats. But if I was you, I would buy it directly from so the well deserved dollars and euros go straight into the artists pockets!

Good sound clips can be found HERE. And hey, if you happen to be a little low on bread right now, don't worry. DXJ understands and only has 1 message for you:
"World wide baby ... Stream it or buy it just listen ..... and let everyone know!"

 So that's what I'm doing right here! Now it's YOUR turn!


  1. Hmm, i think that new style with popular trap beats are not...
    Another word — oldschool sound like "...ate miami"
    My opinion.

    1. I think that is the plan. Here's what James McCauley says about the new style: "Moving Forward... Not rehashing the same old Tiredness..." and "... we understand it is way different from the " Classic " Maggotron sound which is cool however it is 2015 already and we are not about regurgitating the same old same old , we'll leave that to the less creative people out there who live in the past ."