Jul 25, 2018

Bass Yarou Vol. 3

Bass For Summer Lowride 03

In all honesty I don't understand anymore; so is it "Bass Yarou"? "Bass Ya Low"? "Bass For Summer Lowride" So confusing! I do know that this must be Vol. 3, check the CD and back cover:

THIS is Vol. 2, I thought THIS was Vol. 1, and I'm still trying to figure out which volume THIS is then. Vol. 1,5 maybe?? Confusing, but there are much bigger problems in this world! So who cares anyhow?

You'll find most of the music off this Vol. 3 on YouTube already so I will give you the full album to enjoy.

Yep, not a bad compilation of classics at all. And combined with the crazy graphics by Illdozer Graphuck, this is an OK project I'd say...

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