Aug 23, 2021

Bass Sound

 "The DVD"


When I saw this DVD for sale on a Brazilian website I really had no idea what to expect!

DJ Fury? Bass Patrol? Mega Jon Bass? On DVD? I doubted that these guys would have videos that did not reach the internet yet, but you never know?! Or maybe it would be MP3's on DVD? A regular CD in a DVD case?  I hope by now you are becoming as curious as I was!!

Good thing for you is that you don't need to wait weeks for the mail to arrive! If you scroll a little further all will become clear...



That was Bass Patrol's  "Bass Vibrations". Did you see what they did there?? :D Tuning footage from YouTube. Here's another one; Planet Bass (known to us as Mega Jon Bass) with "Drop That Bottom":


All in all a fun item to have in the bass collection. A lot of time was put in this project. Printed CD, full color artwork, very nice. It also shows how big bass music was in Brazilian culture; other DVD's in the series are KC and The Sunshine Band, disco, love songs... Hardly do you find bass music in this kind of releases.


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